DSP & Resin Keychains


Here are the gifts I made for the guys in my family!  They are keychains made using a bezel pendant with Designer Series Paper (DSP), watch gears, and resin.

First, I glued the DSP inside the bezel pendant.  Once the glue dried, I painted on (liberally) two coats of Mod Podge to seal the DSP – this is critical when using resin, otherwise the resin will seep into the paper and discolor it.

Once the Mod Podge dried, I placed the watch gears inside the bezel and then poured 2-part resin into the bezel very slowly until the resin domed just slightly above the bezel.  There will be some bubbles in the resin, but you can remove them easily by either blowing on the surface with a straw or using a blow torch.  The resin had to cure for 72 hours before it was completely hardened.  I used Envirotex Lite 2-part resin – you’ll see a resin theme in my next few posts :).

I just love how these turned out!  They are extremely durable and masculine looking.  It was fun to watch each of the guys open their gifts :).

Thanks for stopping by today!  Tomorrow I will share with you the gift I made for the girls in my family…

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