Essentials Kit in a Box

In this post, I’m sharing an updated version of my Essentials Kit in a Box! This is a great appreciation gift for teachers, nurses, first responders – anyone who goes above & beyond and deserves a treat! This version is sized to fit a hand cream, hand sanitizer, and a treat or tea light – and you can even attached a gift card to the lid to make it extra special!

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This is such a fun box to create! I modeled this one after a Paper Pumpkin box and it’s inspired by Debbie Crowley’s Gratitude Gift Box and “Pixie-fied” by me! I shared my first Essentials Kit in a Box back in 2019, so this is my updated version!

Here’s what the inside looks like filled with goodies:

In the Turtles Bites section, you could swap it out for a Mini Ghirardelli Square or a tea light (if you’re worried about fragrances mixing with your chocolate). Here are the measurements of the 3 cubbies:

Here’s another look at the Essentials Kit in a Box:

Without further ado, here’s my livestream replay:

Here’s the template for reference (not to scale):

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day!


  • Finished Size – 4-5/8″H x 3-1/4″W x 1″D
  • Cardstock (Box) – 8-5/8″ x 9-1/2″ (or 8-3/8″ x 9-1/2″ if using 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock)
    • Score along the 8-5/8″ side at 1″ and 2″ from each side (For 8-3/8″: 7/8″ and 1-7/8″)
    • Score along the 9-1/2″ side at 1″ and 4-1/4″ from each side
  • Insert #1 – 4-1/2″ x 4-7/8″ – score along the 4-7/8″ side at 1-1/2″, 2-3/8″, and 3-1/4″
  • Insert #2 – 1-5/8″ x 6-1/4″ – score along the 6-1/4″ side at 2-3/4″, 3-5/8″, and 4-1/2″
  • Lid Layer #1 – 3-1/8″ x 4-1/2″
  • Lid Layer #2 – 3″ x 4-3/8″


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13 thoughts on “Essentials Kit in a Box”

  1. Wow Julie! I love everything you do. Always so darling. You are such a ray of sunshine and always make me smile. What a sweet talented person you are. Thx for sharing your talents with us!

  2. I made 15 of these for friend gifts this month. Your directions are so good and thorough, which makes it fun! Thanks! They turned out really cute!

  3. Hi Julie,

    I started watching your YouTube videos live about a year ago. I’m a hobby Stampin’Up demonstrator ( 2 years) and I look forward to your projects. I live in Manitoba, Canada. May sound weird but you come on just as I’m getting home from my Wednesday shift, as I sit down to have dinner, late… 8:30ish, you are what I’m watching. I really appreciate how you demonstrate, I love your 3D projects and your matching cards. I’m a fan of your “Bath and body works” projects and your gift card holders. I do, as others print your project sheets and keep them in a binder. To sum it up… I admire your talent for paper crafting and look forward to having dinner with you on Wednesday’s, lol. Thank you for inspiring me and thank you for your time. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.


  4. Love your 3D projects Julie. This essentials box is one of my favorites. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made and given away. Recipients love them.

  5. I especially love the compartments in this box. The receivers will be so impressed! Thanks also for the template. Another one for my binder.

  6. Thank you Paper Pixie for your creative ideas and sharing with us!
    I love this soo much!
    And even better for me as I forget to get gifts. I can have these ready to go and still feel I have something to contribute.
    Thank you!


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