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Today, I’m sharing my neighbor gifts with you!  Each of our neighbors received a set of 4 ceramic tile coasters in a box with a matching glass ornament :).  In total, I made 120 coasters – 30 sets for my neighbors, family, and friends.  Let’s just say I didn’t leave my stamp room for 3 days – haha!

I bought the coasters from Home Depot for $0.16 a piece – they’re the glossy ceramic tile coasters.  I adhered 4″x4″ pieces of Designer Series Paper (DSP) using Mod Podge to the top of each tile and, once dry, applied 2 coats of Mod Podge on top of the DSP to seal it.

Next, I poured 2-part resin (Envirotex Lite) in batches.  I think I was able to do 16-20 tiles at a time – the resin starts to set pretty quickly after mixing, so I only had a small window of time to apply it.  It was tedious, but I was trying to spread the resin over the whole tile without it dripping off the sides.  I made a few mistakes, but for the most part I was able to use the surface tension to prevent the resin from dripping off the sides.

The final step is to remove all the bubbles from the resin within 15 minutes of pouring.  You can either blow on the surface with a straw or you can use a blow torch.  I opted for the blow torch :).  I purchased a little blow torch – the size of a marker/pen – and it did the trick!  The bubbles disappeared instantly using the blow torch!

Once the resin cured after 72 hours, I adhered cork Contact paper squares to the back (with my signature stamp of course) – that will protect any surface the coasters are set on.  I made a little box to put them in and tied it with some ribbon.

The finishing touch to my neighbor gifts was a matching glass ornament.  I purchased the glass ornaments from the craft store, dropped 20-30 drops of Cherry Cobbler reinker inside and slowly coated the inside of each ornament.  Then I funneled silver glitter to the inside, shook it around, and dumped out any excess.  What you’re left with is a beautiful, no mess, glitter ornament that coordinates with the DSP on the coasters!

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