LIVE! with The Paper Pixie – Episode Index

Episode #TitleDatePlatformLink
334Mini Gift Card Clutch & W-V-Fold Card2024-06-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
333Half-Sheet Tapered Gift Box & Slit Z-Fold Card2024-06-12YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
3326×6 Treat Pouch & Zig-Zag Fun Fold Card2024-06-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
331Half-Sheet Gift Pouch & Missing Middle Card2024-05-29YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
330Diagonal Closure Treat Box2024-05-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
329Double Pinch & Tuck Gift Box2024-05-15YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
328Flip-Top Gift Box for Lip Balm2024-05-08YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
327Unbounded Beauty Treat Box & Fun Fold2024-04-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
326Tic Tac Explosion Box & Angled Tri-Fold Card2024-04-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
325Mini Survival Kit & Angled Tri-Fold Card2024-04-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
324Elevated Hershey’s Miniatures Box & A Card2024-03-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
323OnStage, Swaps, and the Last Chance Lists2024-03-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
322Two Werther’s Treat Pouch & A Card2024-03-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
321Rose Salve Gift Box & A Card2024-03-08YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
320Velcro Dots Dispenser Box2024-02-28YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
319Hershey’s Kiss Trio Treat Box & a Card2024-02-21YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
318Two Merci/Godiva Treat Holders2024-02-14YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
317Mini Tic Tac Milk Carton2024-02-07YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
316Easter Egg Teacup Treat Holder2024-01-31YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
315Double Compartment Treat Box2024-01-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
314Nugget Duo Shadow Box2024-01-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
313Envelope Cube Treat Box2024-01-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
312Diagonal Closure Gift Box2024-01-04YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
311Corner Bookmark & Mini Catalog Sneak Peeks2023-12-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
310Accordion Gift Card Pocket Folder2023-12-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
309Half-Sheet, Full-Sheet, and Two-Sheet Gift Bags2023-12-06YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
308Origami Lidded Box & Clean & Simple Christmas Card2023-11-29YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
307Window Punch Note Card & Truffle Bar Box2023-11-15YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
306Diagonal Flap Fold Card & Double Flip Top Gift Card Box2023-11-08YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
305Panoramic Z-Fold Card & Triangle Gift Box2023-11-01YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
304Stand-Up Box Card & Explosion Treat Box2023-10-25YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
303Show-Off Fun Fold & Tiny Table Favor2023-10-18YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
302Full Sheet Gift Bag & Gift Card Fun Fold2023-10-11YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
301Flap Fold Card & Mini Gift Tag Box2023-10-04YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
300Circle Gate Fold Card & Circle Die Treat Bag2023-09-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
299Side Latch Fun Fold Card & Diagonal Treat Bag2023-09-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
298Gift Tag Money/Treat Holder | Accordion Fun Fold Card2023-09-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
297W-Fold Card | Tuck-n-Fold Treat Holder2023-09-06YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
296Diamond Gate Fold Card & Diamond Box2023-08-30YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
295Z-Fold Card & No-Cut Lidded Gift Box2023-08-23YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
294Fun Fold Card & Origami Treat Holder2023-08-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
293Gift Card Fun Fold & Lip Balm Shadow Box2023-08-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
292Back to School! Pencil Pouch & Impossible Crayon Box2023-08-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
291Hexagon Treat Bag & Fun Fold Card2023-07-26YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
290Little Dreamers Fun Fold Card & Scalloped Gift Box2023-07-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
289Z-Fold Card & Trident Gum Gift Box2023-07-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
288Fan Fold Lip Balm Holder & Double Box Fun Fold2023-06-28YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
287Envelope Treat Clutch & Card2023-06-21YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
286Stand-Up Treat Pouch & Fun Fold2023-06-14YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
285Inked Botanicals Tea Bag Envelope & Card2023-06-07YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
284Stargazing Fun Fold Card & Half Sheet Gift Box2023-05-31YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
283Tapered Treat Purse & Card2023-05-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
282Envelope Gift Card Holder & Card2023-05-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
281Zoo Crew Treat Bag & Card2023-05-03YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
280Diagonal Treat Box & Card2023-04-26YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
279Tic Tac Treat Box2023-04-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
278In Color Treat Boxes2023-04-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
277Pyramid Gift Box & Parade of Cards2023-04-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
276Retiring Products, Ask Me Anything & An Easy Treat Pouch2023-03-29YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
275Spring/Easter Basket & Patchwork Card2023-03-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2743 Quick & Easy Irresistible Blooms Projects2023-03-01YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
273Triple Panel Card & Squash Box2023-02-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
272Regency Park Gift Card Fun Fold & Treat Pouch2023-02-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2713 Easy Easter Bunny Projects2023-02-01YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
270Quick & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Projects2023-01-25YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
26912×12 Paper Clutch & Mini Card2023-01-18YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
268Diagonal Panel Card & Treat Envelope2023-01-11YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2673 Easy Valentine’s Day Projects2023-01-04YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
266Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Box & Card2022-12-14YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
265Framed & Festive Gift Box & Card2022-12-07YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
264Leaves of Holly Card & Gift Box2022-11-30YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
263100+ Swaps to Inspire You2022-11-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2623 RAK Projects to Delight2022-11-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
261Hand Cream & Sanitizer Gift Box2022-11-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
260Bow Tie / Candy Wrapper Gift Box2022-10-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
259Essentials Kit in a Box – 2022 Version2022-10-12YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
258Gift Card Envelope Box2022-10-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
257Quarter Sheet 6×6 Gift Box Assortment2022-09-28YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
256Design a Treat Box Caddy2022-09-21YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
255Joy Fold Card & Treat Pouch2022-09-14YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
254Pretty Pillowbox Dies 3 Ways2022-09-07YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
253Chocolate and Chapstick Gift Box2022-08-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
252No Glue Mini Card Gift Box2022-08-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
251Rustic Harvest Pumpkin Card and Treat Pouch2022-08-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
250Christmas Scottie Two Fold Panel Card and Gift Box2022-08-03YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
249Wonderful World Card and Self Closing Treat Holder2022-07-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
248Splendid Day Card and Explosion Treat Holder2022-07-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
247Scary Cute Halloween Card and Treat Pouch2022-07-06YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
246A2 Card Set Gift Pouch2022-06-29YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
245Texture Chic Half Sheet Gift Box and Card2022-06-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
244Potted Geraniums Birthday Treat Slider and Card2022-06-15YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
243Lovely in Linen Mini Card Pouch and Thank You Cards2022-06-08YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
242Sweetest Cherries Gift Tag and Card2022-06-01YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
241Abigail Rose Mini Pocket Envelope and Card2022-05-25YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
240He’s The Man Gift Card Shadow Box and Card2022-05-18YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
239Butterfly Kisses Tic Tac Gift Box and Card2022-05-11YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
238Hues of Happiness A2 Card Gift Bag and Card2022-05-04YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
237Flowing Flowers Gift Box and Card2022-04-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
236Cactus Cuties Gate Fold Card and Gum Gift Box2022-04-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
235In Color Treat Pouch and Card2022-04-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
234Diagonal Card and Gift Card Pocket2022-03-30YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
233Last Chance Products2022-03-23YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
232Treat Holder and Double Z Fold Card2022-03-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
231Daffodil Daydream Treat Holder and Card2022-03-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
230Nugget Treat Holder and Card2022-03-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
229Hello Ladybug Shadow Box2022-02-23YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
228Z-Fold Card and Shadow Box2022-02-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
227Nugget Treat Caddy and Card2022-02-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
226Tunnel Box and Split Circle Cards2022-02-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
225Lipstick Holder and Card2022-01-26YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
224Patchwork Card and Treat Wrap2022-01-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
223Pocket Fold Card and Gift Box2022-01-12YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
222Fun Fold and Impossible Box2022-01-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2215 Favorite Treat Holders from 20212021-12-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
2205 Gift Card Holder Ideas2021-12-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
219Tidings & Trimmings Gift Box2021-12-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
218Corner Flip Card and Slider Treat Box2021-11-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
217Mug Cake Gift Box and Thank You Card2021-11-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
216Christmas Treat Box and Diagonal Slash Card Tutorial2021-11-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
215Note Card Gift Box Tutorial2021-10-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
214Fold Flat Gift Box Tutorial2021-10-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
213Impossible Gift Box Tutorial2021-10-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
212Pinwheel Tower Card Tutorial2021-10-06YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
211Hand Cream & Gift Card Box and Tuck Fold Card2021-09-29YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
210Trapezoid Gift Box and Quadrilateral Card Tutorial2021-09-22YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
209Tapered Triangle Gift Box Tutorial2021-09-15YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
208Crossover Gate Fold Card and Mini Gift Bag2021-09-08YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
207Double Diamond Fold and Flap Fun Fold Cards2021-09-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
206My Favorite Organizational Ideas2021-08-25YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
205Halloween Treat Box and Card Tutorial2021-08-18YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
204Thank You Card and Lift & Reveal Gift Box Tutorial2021-08-04YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
203Impossible Box, Birthday Card and Half Sheet Gift Bag2021-07-28YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
202Pop Up Easel Gift Box and Inspirational Card Tutorial2021-07-21YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
201Daisy Garden Gift Box and Thank You Card Tutorial2021-07-14YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
200Thank You Card and Prism Gift Box Tutorial2021-06-30YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
1993 x 3 Cards and Diagonal Mini Card Gift Box Tutorial2021-06-23YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
198Hexagon Twist Pocket Fun Fold Card Tutorial2021-06-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
197Dutch Door Fun Fold Card and Merci Treat Holder2021-06-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
196Mini Explosion Box and Thank You Card Tutorial2021-06-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
195Pocket Fold, Diagonal Double Fold and Book Fold2021-05-26YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
194Expressions in Ink One Sheet Wonder Project2021-05-19YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
193You’re a Peach Mini Jam Jar Gift Box and Card2021-05-12YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
192In Color Mini Gift Bag and Card Tutorial2021-05-05YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
191Flowering Cactus Candle Gift Box Tutorial2021-04-28YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
190Snail Mail Explosion Gift Box Tutorial2021-04-21YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
189Delicate Petals Double Folding Gift Box2021-04-15YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
1882 4 6 8 Tag Topper Treat Box Tutorial2021-03-31YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
187Tranquil Thoughts Cards2021-03-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
186Springtime Joy Storybook Spring Treat Box Tutorial2021-03-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
185Andes Mints Shadow Box Tutorial2021-03-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
1843 Card Projects Featuring Butterflies2021-03-03YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
183Oh So Ombre Diaper Fold Treat Pouch Tutorial2021-02-24YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
182In Bloom Triangular Treat Box Tutorial2021-02-17YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
181Back to Back Blooms Treat Holder Tutorial2021-02-10YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
180Sand & Sea Explosion Treat Holder Tutorial2021-02-03YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
179Hearts and Kisses Treat Holder Tutorial2021-01-27YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
178Fine Art Floral Mini Raisins Treat Box2021-01-20YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
177Mini Valentine Handbag Tutorial2021-01-13YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
176Sweet Strawberry Chocolate Trio Gift Box2021-01-06YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
175Lots of Heart Hand Sanitizer Gift Box2020-12-30YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
174How to Make a 3-Wick Candle Gift Box2020-12-16YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
173Bath & Body Works Room Spray Ornament Gift Box2020-12-09YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
172Double Slider Gift Card Holder2020-12-02YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
171Essential Oil Shadow Box (15ml)2020-11-25YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
170Diagonal Closure Ornament Gift Box Tutorial2020-11-18YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
169Triangular Double Pyramid Gift Box2020-11-11YouTubeWATCH VIDEO
168Wonder of the Season Impossible Box2020-11-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
167Geometric No-Glue Gift Box2020-10-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
166Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Spoon Gift Box2020-10-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
165Biscolata Minis Treat Box2020-10-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
164Everything Essential Treat Box2020-10-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
163Warm Hugs Coffee & Doughnuts Gift Box2020-09-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
162Banner Year Treat Tube Gift Box2020-09-23FacebookWATCH VIDEO
161Poinsettia Petals Gift Box2020-09-16FacebookWATCH VIDEO
160Cakebites Gift Box2020-09-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
159Gilded Autumn Gift Box2020-09-02FacebookWATCH VIDEO
158Hallows Night Magic Treat Box2020-08-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
157Celebration Tidings Treat Box2020-08-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
156Celebrate Sunflowers Gift Box2020-08-12FacebookWATCH VIDEO
155Warm Hugs Cookies & Coffee Gift Box2020-08-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
154Flowers for Every Season Clutch2020-07-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
153Quarter Sheet Treat Box2020-07-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
152Diagonal-Lidded Gum Box2020-07-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
151Double Nugget Box – 2 Ways2020-07-08FacebookWATCH VIDEO
150Tapered Treat Box in a Larger Size2020-07-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
149Tapered Treat Box2020-06-24FacebookWATCH VIDEO
148Criss-Cross Treat Box2020-06-17FacebookWATCH VIDEO
147No Cut, No Glue, Triangular Treat Box2020-06-10FacebookWATCH VIDEO
146Lifesavers Gift Bag2020-06-03FacebookWATCH VIDEO
145Mini Gift Bag2020-05-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
144Double Flip-Top Lid Box2020-05-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
143Noble Peacock Treat Box2020-05-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
142Cubic Prism Box2020-05-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
141Share Sunshine One Sheet Wonder2020-04-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
140Stampin’ Pad Gift Box2020-04-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
139Gift Card Envelope/Wallet2020-04-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
138Tombow Glue Gift Box2020-04-08FacebookWATCH VIDEO
137A2 Card Gift Box2020-03-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
136Easter/Spring Basket2020-03-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
135Easter/Spring Lidded Milk Carton (larger size)2020-03-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
134Mini Easter Gift Bag2020-03-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
133Lidded Milk Carton Treat Holder2020-02-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
132Soap Gift Box Featuring Birthday Jubilee2020-02-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
131Lipstick Pen Holder2020-02-12FacebookWATCH VIDEO
130Lip Balm Tin Gift Box2020-02-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
129Birthday Bonanza Treat Holder & Card2020-01-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
128Sweetarts Conversation Hearts Box2020-01-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
127M&Ms Minis Milk Carton2020-01-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
1263×3 Card Gift Box2020-01-08FacebookWATCH VIDEO
125Diagonal Lidded Gift Box2020-01-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
124All Things Bows2019-12-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
123Chocolate Orange Milk Carton2019-12-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
122Money Holder2019-12-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
121Merci Gift Card Box2019-11-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
120The (Im)Possible Popper2019-11-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
119Body Butter Gift Box2019-11-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
118Faceted Ornament2019-11-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
117Gift Card Treat/Gift Box2019-10-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
116Candle Jar Gift Box2019-10-23FacebookWATCH VIDEO
115Halloween Door Hanger2019-10-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
114Double Rafaello Treat Box2019-10-02FacebookWATCH VIDEO
113Tic Tac Slider Box2019-09-25FacebookWATCH VIDEO
112Lifesavers Treat Box for Halloween2019-09-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
111Halloween Treat Box for Raisins2019-09-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
110Altoids Smalls Treat Box2019-09-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
109B&BW Foaming Hand Wash Gift Box2019-08-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
108Fold Flat Gift Box2019-08-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
107Harvest Hellos Apple Treat Box2019-08-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
106Essential Oil Shadow Box2019-08-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
105Pressed Petals Faceted Gift Box2019-08-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
104Perfume Spray Gift Box2019-07-24FacebookWATCH VIDEO
103Holiday Catalog Sneak Peeks & A Quick Origami Project2019-07-17FacebookWATCH VIDEO
102B&BW Fragrance Mist Gift Box2019-06-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
101Perfect Parcel Gift Box2019-06-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
100Follow Your Art Shadowbox Frame2019-06-12FacebookWATCH VIDEO
099Delightful Tag Topper Box2019-06-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
098Diagonal Hinged-Lid Box2019-05-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
097Treat Cube with Inset Lid2019-05-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
096Rolo Stepper Box2019-05-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
095Merci Shadow Box2019-05-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
094Gift Card Gift Bag2019-04-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
093No-Glue Treat Box2019-04-23FacebookWATCH VIDEO
092Mini Triangle Treat Box2019-04-17FacebookWATCH VIDEO
091Ghirardelli Bunny Box2019-04-10FacebookWATCH VIDEO
090Scalloped Tag Topper Easter Egg Box2019-04-03FacebookWATCH VIDEO
089Mini Reester Bunny Shadow Box2019-03-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
088Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Treat Box2019-03-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
087Mini Easter Treat Tote2019-03-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
086Andes Mints Treat Box2019-03-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
085Essentials Kit in a Box2019-02-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
084Hershey’s Nuggets Story Book2019-02-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
083Split-Top Box2019-02-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
082Tic Tac Gift Box2019-02-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
081Triangle Treat Box2019-01-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
080Hershey’s Nuggets Fold-Flat Box2019-01-23FacebookWATCH VIDEO
079Happiness Blooms Gift Box2019-01-16FacebookWATCH VIDEO
078Mini Gift Box2019-01-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
077Mini Toblerone Triangle Box2019-01-02FacebookWATCH VIDEO
076Single-Serve Nutella Valentine’s Box2018-12-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
075Mini Tic Tac Matchbox2018-12-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
074Christmas Bauble/Ornament2018-12-12FacebookWATCH VIDEO
073Gift Card Gift Box2018-12-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
072Hexagon Twist-Top Box2018-11-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
071House Box2018-11-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
070Octagon Gift Box2018-11-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
069B&BW Hand Cream Shadow Box2018-11-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
068Pop-Up Box for Ferrero Rocher or Lindor Truffle2018-10-24FacebookWATCH VIDEO
067Double Nugget Box2018-10-17FacebookWATCH VIDEO
066Hexagon Gift Bag2018-10-10FacebookWATCH VIDEO
065Faceted Origami Gift Box2018-10-03FacebookWATCH VIDEO
064Envelope Punch Board Hand Sanitizer Box2018-09-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
063Hershey’s Nugget Trio Box2018-09-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
062Scalloped Tag Topper Mini Gift Bag2018-09-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
061Fold Flat, No Adhesive Box2018-08-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
060Mini Diamond Box2018-08-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
059Candy Wrapper Box2018-08-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
058Banner Triple Punch Treat Holder/Party Favor2018-08-08FacebookWATCH VIDEO
057Holiday Catalog Pre-Order Goodies2018-08-03FacebookWATCH VIDEO
056Mini Impossible Box2018-08-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
055Lip Balm Holder2018-07-25FacebookWATCH VIDEO
054K-Cup Caddy2018-07-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
053Origami Gift Card Envelope2018-07-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
052Tea Packet Holder2018-06-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
051Varied Vases Card with the Stamparatus2018-06-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
050Mini Diamond Fold Card2018-06-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
049Envelope Punch Board Treat Box2018-06-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
048Impossible Card2018-05-16FacebookWATCH VIDEO
047Accordion Gift Box2018-05-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
046Napkin Fold Box2018-05-02FacebookWATCH VIDEO
045Pineapple Treat Holder2018-04-25FacebookWATCH VIDEO
044Hand Sanitizer Envelope Punch Board Box2018-04-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
043Sitting Pretty Bundle – OnStage Stamp Set Showcase Projects2018-04-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
042Gift Bag Punch Board Treat Box2018-03-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
041Explosion Treat Holder for Ghirardelli Squares2018-03-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
040Scalloped Tag Topper Box2018-03-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
039St. Patrick’s Day Treat Holder2018-03-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
038Magic Slider Treat Holder2018-02-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
037Origami Doctor/Mary Poppins Bag2018-02-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
036Diagonal Closure Treat Holder2018-02-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
035Sweet Soiree Treat Holder2018-02-07FacebookWATCH VIDEO
034Tea Bag Gift Box2018-01-31FacebookWATCH VIDEO
033Merci Chocolates Gift Box2018-01-24FacebookWATCH VIDEO
032Geo Ball Table Favor2018-01-17FacebookWATCH VIDEO
031Winged-Lid Valentine’s Box2018-01-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
030Merci Chocolates Shadow Box2018-01-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
029Shadow Box Gift Box for Mini Lotion2017-12-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
028Faceted Gift Box2017-12-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
027The Impossible Box2017-12-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
026Star Gift Box2017-12-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
025Faceted Christmas Ornament2017-11-29FacebookWATCH VIDEO
024Ghirardelli Square Treat Holder2017-11-22FacebookWATCH VIDEO
023Holiday Ornament with Shadow Box2017-11-15FacebookWATCH VIDEO
022Envelope Punch Board Purse2017-11-01FacebookWATCH VIDEO
021Lip Balm Shadow Box2017-10-25FacebookWATCH VIDEO
020Gift Tag Gift Box2017-10-18FacebookWATCH VIDEO
019Hexagon Dome Box2017-10-11FacebookWATCH VIDEO
018Double Treat Tube Holder2017-10-04FacebookWATCH VIDEO
017Drawstring Bag Box2017-09-27FacebookWATCH VIDEO
016Ferrero Rocher Halloween Tote2017-09-20FacebookWATCH VIDEO
015Triangular Treat Box2017-09-13FacebookWATCH VIDEO
014Witch Hat Treat Holder2017-09-06FacebookWATCH VIDEO
013Quilt Builder Set of Cards2017-08-30FacebookWATCH VIDEO
012Colorful Seasons Card2017-08-23FacebookWATCH VIDEO
011Mini Explosion Tag Card2017-08-16FacebookWATCH VIDEO
010Envelope Punch Board Mini Handbag2017-08-09FacebookWATCH VIDEO
009Origami Box in Box2017-08-02FacebookWATCH VIDEO
008Shadowbox Card2017-07-26FacebookWATCH VIDEO
007Ferrero Rocher / Lindor Truffle Coffee Mug2017-07-19FacebookWATCH VIDEO
006Diagonal Lidded Cube Box2017-07-12FacebookWATCH VIDEO
005Matchbox Tealight Holder2017-07-05FacebookWATCH VIDEO
004Mini Explosion Card2017-06-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO
003Mini Explosion Purse Tutorial2017-06-21FacebookWATCH VIDEO
002Envelope Punch Board Money Envelope2017-06-14FacebookWATCH VIDEO
001Best Decision Ever2017-03-28FacebookWATCH VIDEO

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