Die Organization!

Today, I’m sharing how I store my dies and how to create the labels as I’ve had so many requests! I absolutely LOVE this storage system for my dies, and many of you do too! Here’s a look at my die storage:

You’ll notice some retired dies in these pictures, but my storage system remains the same! I have changed the container they are in, which I will show you when I finally do my craft room tour (it’s a custom container from Stamp-n-Storage). But, in these pictures, I used an InterDesign Linus Clear Storage Bin that measures 8″ x 11-1/4″ x 6″.

The clear pockets I use are from Totally Tiffany and the Magnet Cards are from Stamp-n-Storage (affiliate link).

Okay, now onto the labels I create! I use a Brother P-Touch PT-D400, recommended by Jennifer McGuire! And I use THESE tapes, which were also recommended by her – great price and I haven’t had any problems with them! Here she is:

QUICK TIP! I prefer to use batteries, even though she comes with an AC adapter, because on battery power, the label maker saves your settings! For some reason, when you only use AC power, your settings aren’t saved!

Now, let’s step through the screens to show you how I have them set up:


Font: 01HEL
Size: 12pt
Width: x 1
Style: BLD
Line: Off
Align: Center


Length: 1.4″
Margin: Chain
Tab: 0.0″

QUICK TIP! The “chain” margin setting saves so much tape!! If you are planning on creating a lot of labels, then create each label and when the label maker asks, “OK to Feed?”, hit the ‘Esc’ button and create the next label. When you are done creating labels, hit OK and then the label maker will feed the label far enough for you to cut it. Then, you can just hand cut each label. You will also do a happy dance at how much label you didn’t waist ;).


Once you have these settings all set up, here’s is what your home screen will look like:

I set my font size to 12pt, but there are some product names that might not fit within these label parameters at 12pt. If you see this on your screen (where the 1.4″ disappears):

Then that indicates that the name will not fit within the 1.4″ (which is the right size for the Totally Tiffany Stamp Pocket tabs). There are a couple of things you can do: you can either drop the font size down to 9pt font or you can abbreviate the name to fit within the label! Just remember that you can use 1 or 2 rows for your label, so be creative if needed!

If you give this organization system a try, I’d love to see a picture of it! I’ve tried many other ways of organizing dies and this one is by far my favorite!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions, please let me know – I’m happy to help! Have a wonderful & blessed day! Tomorrow starts the Holiday Catalog and the B3G1 DSP promotion! Yippee!!!


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10 thoughts on “Die Organization!

  1. Love this storage system and want to implement it. I’m a bit anal-retentive about the order of things and can see (and love) that you have them filed alphabetically. What is your process for integrating new dies to keep them in alphabetical order without having to re-do all the labels?


  2. Thank you so much for the detailed ordering and set up instructions. I ordered the Totally Tiffany clear pockets and then decided my label maker was a pain so I order the one you suggested. I loved the step by step instructions – just finished my first label and and getting ready to do a bunch. You are talented not only as an artist but as an organizer.

  3. Fantastic system Julie! I’m looking to change mine since the storage envelopes have changed. I do have a wholesale account with a magnet company and make the magnet sheets. Easy to do.

    1. Hi Ruthi! Mine doesn’t use very much tape at the beginning and the end. Which model do you have? I set mine up for chain printing (per the instructions above) so that it doesn’t have big gaps between each label.

  4. I do the same storage system with my does too Julie and I love it. I do add the number of dies in the set on the label so I don’t leave something off.

    Is it the Line setting that gives you two rows of content. I have the same label maker and could never figure out how to not have one long string.

    1. Hi Lynn! All you need to do is hit the enter key and you can type 2 lines. I don’t think I had to change anything for it to do that.

      1. Julie-I’m so glad to see that you put this machine up to show us because I’ve had the same one you have and can’t figure how to work it lol I really need to label all my stuff. I also just ordered the container and sleeves for the Dies. Thank You! for sharing

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