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221 thoughts on “Blog Candy Giveaway!

  1. Well, I may be behind a couple days , but hope I’m no too late getting this comment in, but I’d love to win the paper share! My favorite holiday tradition is going out with the kids to look at everyone’s Christmas lights. Many folks don’t do it any more, but it’s still fun to see the ones that do!

  2. My favorite Holiday tradition is dinner with all the family at my sister’s house, then family games. We laugh so much and make the best memories ever. Thank you Julie for all the inspiration and time it takes to make your videos and blog. You’re the best.

  3. I think my favorite is Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. When our kids were little they would wear new pjs and we would come home and put them to bed. Santa would come and they were up bright and early.

  4. My favorite holiday tradition is opening gifts with my daughters and grandkids on Christmas Eve, getting up EARLY on Christmas Day to open Santa gifts and spending the remainder of the day with family and friends on Christmas Day. Nothing more special than spending the holiday with family and friends~!

  5. For Christmas Eve we get together and have a soup supper with homemade chicken noodle soup and chili along with hot rolls, cinnamon rolls, veggie tray, and homemade candy. Then we open presents. On Christmas morning we open the gifts from Santa and later have a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Great memories.

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is when my kids (and now also my grandkids) come over to decorate my Christmas tree. I spread out all the ornaments, my tree is set up in the middle of the room, and everyone decorates what they can reach with “their” ornaments. We laugh and catch up on all the news while we decorate. When it’s all done we gently slide the tree in front of the window. Sometimes the results can be a little haphazard, but I love each tree and the memories of the day. And maybe sometimes I make a few more ornaments to fill in the gaps…

  7. My favorite family tradition is all gathering together, baking and cooking family favorites, while laughing and enjoying each others company and creating new traditions along the way!

  8. Oh my !!! So excited! My favorite fall tradition was one my husband and I started. I would pack a lunch and after church on Sunday we would drive all the unchartered country roads and surround ourself in the beautiful fall foliage! My husband has since passed but I continue to enjoy the spectacular colors and find myself smiling, knowing he is smiling with me!!!

  9. In our family we have the tradition of lighting the tree on christmas eve when we get back from church. before that, we do not put on the lights. It is always a cheerful an at the same time calming moment.

  10. We pick several kids names off the “Giving Tree” at my workplace (Mayo Clinic) and purchase gifts for children in need. I was the recipient of the Giving Tree when I was a very young child and I will never forget the impact it had on my life. We have our son pick out the names of the kids from the tree and then we go shopping as a family for the gifts. It warms my heart not only to see our son put so much thought into each gift, but also to see that he really “gets” we are fortunate for what we have been given and we need to pass it on. Our son is ten years old now, and I pray this is a tradition he will always continue.

  11. At Christmas my family sings “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” We place the satin Christmas balls with the twelves days in a bag and each person (we are getting larger so we have to double up) pulls a ball. Then the fun begins with each person/ duo singing the day on the ball. Everyone loves to pull the fifth day of golden rings. Of course you have to sing with real DRAMA, no little soft voice. Always a fun time.

  12. Having my grandkids decorate the tree. They started at a very young age and te tree looked pretty bad for a number of years, BUT to them it was beautiful and I loved the pride they took in doing it. So many pictures and memories were made.

  13. My favorite holiday tradition is seeing my family. We are so spread out, it’s a wonderful time when we can all get together.

  14. Christmas is my favorite holiday. We gather the grandchildren Christmas Eve and have a Christmas P.J. Party! We play games and the winner gets to open one gift. The winner is out of the games until everyone has won and received one gift. So much fun! Thank you for a offering an awesome blog candy and a chance to win.

  15. Our favorite tradition is watching A Christmas Carol and Christmas Story–but my Favorite is Miracle on 34th Street.

  16. Making Lefse for our family. My Gram taught me, and now my husband and I make it for our family gatherings for Christmas and Thanksgiving ❤️.

  17. Christmas is my favorite. Spending time with my Aunt and Uncle at there house Christmas Day with my parents, brother and his family. Being with my cousins and there families. It becomes a very full house. But very fun. We do the white elephant gift exchange and after that play cards either 99 ( it is similar to screw your neighbor card game) or rummy. With a little money involved. Which makes it more fun especially when you win.

  18. My favorite Holiday tradition is decorating the tree. Each child has a bin of handmade and special ornaments. We put on the Partridge Family Christmas Album CD and start singing while we decorate. The kids are 23 and 27 now and we still hold true to this tradition. It makes my heart happy!


  19. Our favorite tradition when the family is gathered together is to go look at all the decorations and then come home and make hot chocolate and popcorn and watch ELF… we watch every year and still laugh.

  20. Our favorite holiday time is Thanksgiving when we take time from the stress & busy-i-ness of our daily lives and give thanks for all that we have. It is a FAMILY time and reflects the values our ancestors have carved the way for. We generally meet with brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents either at the Family home or at the beach or in Ashland, Oregon.

    Love the feel of fall before the super cold of winter!

  21. I love Halloween! I decorate for fall, with lights, banners, cards and wreaths! I absolutely love the coffin wreath from SU this year!! The bundle is so much fun and there’s lots of great ways to use the DSP! It’s so much fun to decorate the house for friends to see what we can do with more than just a card! My grandkids love to see what’s added this year!!

  22. Blog candy? What fun, Julie! Thanks for the chance to have nice holiday DSP. My personal favorite holiday tradition is having pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve (I don’t have to cook!), along with opening gifts and playing bingo. Our adult kids and grandkids have always joined us to celebrate Christ’s birth at that time so they can spend Christmas Day with their other families – and hubby and I get a day to relax.

  23. Our favorite tradition is Christmas Eve Mass and coming home to Watch the movie White Christmas. No one can sing like Bing Crosby!

  24. Our family tradition is to eat an easy but delicious together, open gifts and then play a dice game called Left Right Center. The young adults especially like the game because it involves money!

  25. My favorite holiday tradition is after Christmas Eve service- driving down “Riverview Blvd” with only parking lights on, & looking at miles of luminaries- lighting the driveways & street.. followed by Christmas tree light looking-

  26. Our family gathers (from far and near) on Christmas Eve to sing carols, eat and simply enjoy each other. It’s a wonderful tradition!

  27. My favorite tradition at Christmas is having my kids and grand kids come from out of state and cooking a special dinner of marinated flank steak. Also sending out my cards
    that a lot of friends and family look forward to getting because they are hand made.

  28. Our kids are now grown and live on the east and west coasts, but when they were growing up, and now, whenever we can be together for the holidays, our favorite Christmas tradition, is all of us going to bed in matching Jammie’s, and waking up to a wonderful family breakfast. Thanks for a chance to win!

  29. Just getting together with family and friends anytime of the year can be a tradition. No Holiday needed. Love and always fun. ❤️

  30. My favorite tradition is were we would go outside an look at the star at night an sing different Christmas songs while drinking hot cocoa. It was something the whole famliy would do as we listen to the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas night. We always had fun then.

  31. Oooooh, Christmas, we all get together and make tamales, we set up a big table and everyone has there job making them ,then we cook them for 2 hrs and we all set down to enjoy our hard work , that tradition has been pass to us for lots of years , from my grandma, and the recipe has not change since ♥️
    Tfs the chance to win

  32. We do a Christmas fondue with my dad every Christmas and we do a goofy and a good picture of the whole family. We’ve done that since 1974. And I love to send out Christmas cards.

  33. My favorite holiday tradition is getting up early on Christmas morning & FaceTiming our grandkids in Tennessee (they’re an hour ahead of our time in CA), so I get up at 5:00am to set up my computer & make coffee & get all settled in to watch them open presents & talk with them about what’s been going on, etc. We get on at 6:00 am (7 am their time). I look forward to visits with them every year, but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday & spending time with them, no matter how we do it, is precious to me.

  34. My favorite holiday tradition is having all my family together still after our parents pass away. To share our time with each other for the holidays.

  35. Our family tradition for years has been to spend Christmas Eve together for home cooked early dinner then head off to see The NutCracker. We never tire of the show. Often we will stop for a delicious dessert following the show and make sure we are home early so we can be ready to enjoy our family time together off Christmas Day. After opening gifts we open our home to friends for brunch before they spend time with their families.

  36. My favorite tradition is calling and talking to family and friends, that live far away, on Christmas Day. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Hi Julie,
    I love Thanksgiving with friends and family. More focus on how grateful we are, then on presents presents like Christmas.

  38. Christmas Eve the family gathers at Grammy and Grampy’s house. The kids get to stay up late (if they can stay awake!) Grammy gives the children a gift that we all know is new pajamas, but we are still so excited. We rip them open to see what color/shape etc are they. My favorite one was a nightgown that was red and white strips and had a little night cap! That’s the first time I saw Santa too. h
    Then the family leaves, groups by groups. We arrive at Mass together and take about 3 pews! Kids fall asleep, parents get some rest. Then it’s off to home and to put on the new jams. I finally figured out it was so we had pretty Christmas pixs, LOL

  39. Being a paper addict, I love this blog candy. Thanks for the opportunity to win and most of all, thanks for your continual paper crafting inspiration.

  40. Both when I was a child and in then raising our daughter, the tradition I loved the most was to have a Christmas program in front of the tree. We recited our SS program lines, played a solo on our newly learned instruments,, sang songs, Mom read The Night Before Christmas and then we handed out presents from family and friends. Then we played games, snacked on special Christmas treats, and hung our stockings and toddled off to bed, We made programs out of construction paper so this was a BIG deal!

  41. We have 2 young children in the family – two girls ages 5 and 7. Once the girls are in bed on Christmas Eve, we have adult time. We break out the hot chocolate or mulled wine and have a White Elephant gift exchange. There’s always lots of laughter and ridiculous gifts but we enjoy that time together because Christmas Day is for the kids.

  42. I love putting up decorations and trimming the tree while listening to holiday music. The handmade decorations and ornaments bring back happy memories of past Christmases. Julie, thanks for your blog and great videos =^.^=

  43. Hi Julie, my favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my family. Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas day with my in-laws. Precious memories! Hugs!

  44. My favorite holiday tradition is having a big family dinner and spending time with all our family and extended family. A time to catch up with everyone’s lives and share the important part of life letting everyone know that they are loved and special to me.

  45. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with family and friends that maybe I haven’t seen all year. We all get busy with our lives but in the holiday season we just make time for get
    Thanks Julie for the fabulous give away!

  46. I get to spend the second Christmas in a row with my 11yearold Grandson. He and I craft together. I am so blessed!

  47. My tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV, and waiting for Santa to come down the street and officially start the Christmas season. We wave to Santa as he waves to all.

  48. My Christmas village and hand made wood carvings are my most precious memory traditions. For over 20 years I have collected over 1000 pieces of my village and every piece has a designated place. The Christmas carving collection is all hand carved by my father and he started sending the girls 1 piece each year at Christmas. When he passed away the girls got one last carving in the mail that following Christmas. Each piece has a special story or theme related specifically to them. My girls love to tell and hear the stories of where or who the village pieces came from and why. We reflect on pieces given from family no longer with us and tell stories about all the good memories we have of them. As we get older our family grows smaller and our girls have learned to make and treasure precious memories of those no longer with us. That is a tradition they will always have along with the collections when I hand them down to them.

  49. I always love seeing Paper Pixie in my inbox! I open your e-mail right away to see what cute project you have to share. Thank you!!

  50. I love the videos you make for us! Your creativity inspires so many, especially me! I watch them every morning with a cup of coffee and a smile on my face! We celebrate Christmas by having my parents, my sister and her husband over for a Christmas Eve mid day meal. We exchange our gifts, eat and have a wonderful time together. We all then go to our own churches for a Christmas Eve. I always have little homage gifts with candy, gift cards and little presents done up with the Christmas papers/dip for them to take home. I always make enough candy ones to keep by the door to hand out to the mail carrier, or the delivery people bringing packages, or anyone that passes by my door! It’s so much joy seeing their faces getting a homemade little gift! service.

  51. On New Years Day I fix Japanese foods. It is for “good luck” in the upcoming year!! Lots of good stuff to eat and everyone has a good time!!!

  52. For the past 10 years, I decorate my house with my collection of over 3000 (yes, thousand!) snowmen and invite everyone to come see it all and then we feed them! Last year we fed over 200 people. I know because I bought 200 plates and we ran out! Christmas is a time of sharing and love and we love to share our snowmen. We are currently prepping for this year’s party.

  53. Hi Julie! This year’s Fall/Winter selections have been beautiful! I love all the DSP and would make good use of the 6×6 samplers!! I’m in the process of making my holiday cards as we “speak! Like so many other commenters, cookie baking is a tradition in our family as well! I make mulled cider which warms our home with the lovely scents of cinnamon and spice! My favorite time of year!!! Appreciate your generosity and the inspiration your blog provides!!!

  54. Being with family, Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, and then play board games until we are too pooped out! Each Christmas gathering means more to me since the family is growing up and whose to say how long we can continue our tradition. Each Christmas Day is a gift in more ways than one.

  55. Midnight Mass and opening one non-Santa gift before bed!
    doesn’t come to our neighborhood till the wee hours
    And of course family tamale making – Yum

  56. I figured out why I love Fall and Christmas. It is the colors. So, I put the colors all over in little places to lift my spirits. The fall oranges, browns and greens and reads are amazing and make me feel happy and then I get into the red ad green and white everywhere. Colors. That is my favorite tradition. Adding color everywhere. Thanks fo rsharing. Always love your blog..

  57. Oh, one of my favorite traditions is baking goodies with my Niece’s and their girls. Another one is going to the Hallmark Store and choosing an ornament. My husband and I have bought 1 ornament a year every since our first Christmas together and we have bought our son 1 every year. This year we will have 29 for ourselves and 20 for my son.

  58. One of our family traditions was to bake cookies with my mom. She would pick a day and all day long we would bake a dozen different kinds of cookies. All my sisters were able to take home cookies. My mom is not with us anymore. I pick a day and contact my nieces and we bake cookies. I always think of my mom when baking cookies because I use her recipes!

  59. My favorite Christmas tradition is writing and then reading aloud crazy funny poems that accompany gifts during our family get together.

  60. My favorite memories as a kid were all the family and friends getting together at my mom’s house on Christmas Eve. Just a fun time to catch up with everyone. As the years have passed and we grew up and started families of our own, it’s become harder to get everyone together due to work, in law schedules,etc. But we still pick a day when at least most of us can get together for a Christmas celebration and get together. Was fun for us a kids and now even more fun to see our kids (and nephews/nieces)and even grandkids (great nephews/nieces) growing up.

    Thanks for doing this. Great blog candy and fun reading about everyone’s favorite traditions.

  61. I love being in church at the stoke of midnight. There’s something so peaceful about it. If my church isn’t having a late service, I find one that is.

  62. My family likes to attend Christmas Eve Lord’s Supper Service at our church. The dinner after varies due to my husband working shift work at a plant. Also, we alternate time spent with my dad’s side of the family. We have a schedule. Even years we are all together for Christmas and Odd years we are all together for Thanksgiving! It has seemed to work out nicely so we can plan ahead with our other sides of families.

  63. Candlelight ceremony at church on Christmas Eve then the family getting together for dinner followed by opening the presents on Christmas day.

  64. Our traditions have changed over the years. We now have an extended “blended” family & are spread out all over the country. But, after about 30-some years I still make a homemade ornament(s) for my daughter’s family tree. New traditions are always fun & important as things change thru the years! Wish our family members were closer & we could ALL get together! Thanks for an opportunity for a lovely blog candy gift. What are your family traditions??

  65. We start the season with tree decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Then, we get together each Sunday to celebrate Advent. On Christmas morning, we opening stockings, eat Santa’s Eggs (a breakfast casserole) with cinnamon rolls, and then dive into present opening. The afternoon is spent admiring, and playing with, gifts. In late afternoon, early evening, we eat our Christmas dinner. There is no snow, since we live in the Arizona desert, but we can usually find a lovely scene to show on the television to help us “feel” the season. :o)

  66. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is wearing my troll Santa earrings. I have worn them every year for over 30 years now and should I happen to forget, my grandkids are very quick to remind me that I’m not wearing my trolls!

  67. I always make the packaging for my family’s gifts and they love to see what I come up with every year. And I must say that I use a lot of your boxes and bags. Thank you for helping me create some very cute projects.

  68. What a generous blog candy prize! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is hosting an “orphan” dinner for any friends who have no where to be on Thanksgiving day or live alone or have no family able to share the day. My husband and I have been doing this for a while now–it frees our daughter to spend the holiday with her husband’s enormous family without guilt, it gives us great joy to share the company of so many people we know, and we get a chance to repay the kindness of someone who long ago hosted an orphan Thanksgiving dinner for us. Plus, I love to cook!!

  69. I have 5 grandgirls, so I love making Advent calendars for Halloween & Christmas. Our family tradition is making Tamales which is mostly our adults, but the kids love wrapping gifts at Christmas & baking cookies. They love to help me decorate for Halloween & Christmas they tell me where to hang things and now they are old enough we do crafts together!! making ornaments, painting milk cartons for Halloween.

  70. Several years ago, our son’s asked what they could give me for Christmas. I said “an hour of your time without any electronics…and I get to pick the movie!” They were worried, but it has become a wonderful tradition! I think they even enjoy it now.

  71. I love all your 3 D shares. You give very precise and simple directions plus the diagram. I wow my family all the time.

  72. Our Family Tradition is going to a Local Christmas Tree Farm taking in the hustle and bustle …. admiring the decorated trees…watching families picking out the PERFECT tree….enjoying the smells of pine needles…having a cup of hot apple cider and sampling a cookie or two.

  73. My all time favorite is making cookies with my girls and leaving them out with some milk for Santa. It is something my girls love to do and it’s something we can do together as a family.

  74. Not sure if the first or went through, a day with family, after opening gifts , spending the day playing games with the kids

  75. Our family, since I have 3 girls, love to watch ‘Hocus Pocus” before Halloween.
    We then plan a Chili Dump, Hayride to go out at night and end with a big bonfire.
    A Chili Dump is when each family brings a bowl of their favorite chili and we dump it all together in a turkey fryer, reheat and enjoy.

  76. Hi Julie! My family’s favorite holiday tradition is decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Every year without fail that day is designated as the decorating day.

  77. We do the 12 days of Christmas. I get little gifts Dollar store type.. i try to keep it under $2 ea gift.. 12 per person.. to open one a night up to Christmas Eve. Helps with the anticipation of the big day!

  78. My favorite family tradition that I passed down to my children is “Shaking Packages.” My parents gave each child (4 of us) their own wrapped present on Dec 1st that we (individually) would shake, then ask ONE question about the gift that could be answered with a “yes” or “no” (is it a game?, does it have marbles?, is it something I will wear?, etc), then we could take ONE guess as to what was in the package. We did this each night after dinner until we correctly guessed what our package was. When guessed correctly, you got to open your gift! If you still had your Shaking Package on Christmas eve, you got to open it then. All other presents were delivered by Santa (unwrapped) and were under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

  79. Our favorite tradition is having all the grandchildren help decorating the Christmas tree and especially setting up the Christmas village.

  80. With having grown children getting together and baking holiday goodies together where each family takes home a share of the edible baked goods starts early in the month. The whole month is a celebration of family and time together.

  81. My favorite holiday tradition is cookie making day. That’s when we get together with the grandkids and bake cookies and candy treats for Christmas. Flour and sprinkles everywhere, but a lot of giggles and fun.

  82. Getting together with family. Everyone talking at once just finding out what everyone has been doing the past year. I don’t have any kids or grandkids so this is a special time for me.

  83. On the 2nd Saturday of December our life-long friends get together for our annual progressive dinner. This year is our 33rd year. We move from house to house enjoying the decorations; food, fellowship, and friendship, along with the heartaches each has endured over the years. We end with dessert and gift exchange, with name draw earlier in the year. It really kicks off the months festivities.

  84. My favorite holiday tradition is participating in our community Nativity Festival. I have a huge Nativity set of over 1000 pieces. It includes townspeople and lighted buildings. It takes up about 90 square feet of table space. It takes a few hours to display it, but the whole community looks forward to seeing it and basking in the quiet ambiance of the glorious event it depicts. The Festival displays about 1500 other depictions of the Nativity, a room just for children and live Christmas concerts every night. During the three days of the Festival there is a wonderful spirit of love and gratitude surrounding it. Seeking and finding the true Spirit of Christmas is my favorite holiday tradition.

  85. My favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition was going downtown to Rich’s to watch the lighting of the BIG tree, ride the Pink Pig. That has been a while since Rich’s is no more, but what a fun family event!

  86. Our family likes to each bring a small gift wrapped and read the Christmas story of Mrs Right. We sit in a circle and read the story. Every time you hear the word right or left you pass the wrapped gift accordingly. At the end (with the gift still wrapped) you can keep the gift you last received or trade with someone who is willing to trade. The gifts are sometimes like a white elephant gift, but fun is had by all. We do sit the children in an inner circle with gifts they can all enjoy.

  87. My favorite holiday tradition is going to a large bazaar at the fairgrounds with my mom & sister. My grandma used to come with us when she was alive.
    Another tradition is black Friday shopping with my mom, sister & sister-in-law.
    Girls days!!

  88. My favorite is making and sharing my potatoe candy with family and friends as well as buckeyes and Christmas rock cookies.

  89. My kids always loved an interactive quilted advent calendar I made years ago. I still put it up every year and also make new versions with cardstock, etc.

  90. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies and making candies. Every year I try to make something new. I usually always make about 20 items. I take whatever I have made to family get-togethers. I used to give them as gifts to my kids teachers.

  91. When we had kids at home, our Christmas tradition was to make a gift for someone. We also read Christmas stories each night in December. If it was a chapter book then 1 chapter a night. Then we spent some time talking about something we learned from the reading.

  92. Christmas music is definitely my favorite tradition! I prefer the old hymns and nostalgic pop and tune-in to the music stations that play those as well as my own pandora stations.

  93. Going to church on Christmas Eve, having the family together, spending the day playing board games and cards, opening gifts and eating too much, then ending it with a movie or Hallmark movie. Of course mid December is the big baking day and then decorating the cookies.

  94. A favorite holiday tradition is “the couch picture.” We’ve been taking pics of the 5 cousins (all boys) who only get to see each other about twice a year. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years. We previously had to line them up on the couch. Now when they see Aunt Lisa coming, they all just sit down -usually in order from oldest to youngest.The couch has gotten “smaller” over the years, but it has been fun to watch them grow! The pic gets copied 7 times and goes into 7 scrapbook albums , one for each of them and grandparents.

  95. One of many traditions I like is my mom makes Christmas stollen every year. She makes it for her 3 daughters and friends. Christmas Eve is at her house with blended family we all bring a dish and then tell stories and open gifts. It’s a special blessing and has a special meaning of coming together.

    ****added note thank you so much for the wonderful videos and the information you provide.

    Happy Holidays!

  96. Every Christmas Eve my son nd his family come to my house for dinner and then the children open their stockings and open their presents. I love to watch them as they squeal with delight on what they got. Then on Christmas morning I make this delicious cream brulee French toast. My husband also loves the mimosas that go with it.

  97. My favorite Christmas-time tradition is the family getting together to share a meal and reconnect with each other. Gifts are NOT what’s important.

  98. Every year for Christmas morning we have cinnamon rolls and a huge breakfast! Gift exchange comes after breakfast then we go to a family movie together or watch a rental at home. We don’t do the traditional turkey on Christmas. It’s a less stressful and relaxing day with family. I love it!

  99. Oooooo! I love paper share. My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite season is Fall. My favorite paper this catalog is Feels Like Frost. And the hidden gem is Ornate Dies hiding in the Halloween suite. They are a staple to be used for everything, year round.

  100. I like to make a big breakfast family style. Have the family over, eat, then watch the grandkids and everyone open their gifts from us. Spending family time together is very important and rewarding. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.

  101. My favorite tradition is our family Christmas party. Everyone brings a dish, we have a wonderful prayer before eating, and just visit. Afterwards we have a dirty Santa game using gag gifts and gifts from past years we have received. It is truly amazing the fun and fellowship we have. All the grown ups give gifts to the nieces and nephews. There is up to 30 of us that get together and it is truly wonderful. A sister in law started this years ago with her being Santa Liz. She would buy gifts all year and write these cute little poems on each that would describe that person or a situation to a tee. She has moved away and we truly miss her every year.

  102. Hi, Julie. My family is scattered across the country in various states. Only one of my 3 children lives near by. The years I stay at home rather than visiting one of my out of state kids, I like to cook my “Christmas” lasagna and invite a few friends over for some holiday cheer. That group may include former in-laws too. 🙂

  103. I made Christmas ornaments for each family member with their names embossed with gold . On Christmas Day when they arrive ( there’s no place like home) each find their ornament and hang it on the tree! 16 of them so dear to my heart has left me with so many memories and those tears of joy running down my cheek! This mom has one more ornament to make to be hung with all the others in 2020! Then I read to all the book My Wish To Be A Christmas Tree! This is my most favorite tradition♥️

  104. Just getting together with my family. We all live far apart but make an effort to all be together to enjoy Christmas!! No better gift!

  105. My favorite tradition at any holiday is our family dinner.
    Usually everyone makes a point of being there and we have lots of laughs.
    Family is always good.

  106. My mom always buys those pop cracker things that have the confetti, paper crown and toy inside. We pop the right before we eat Christmas dinner. And we all wear our paper crowns while we eat!

  107. My favorite holiday is really a season–the Christmas season when families make time to get together. It doesn’t matter if we meet before Christmas or after Christmas as long as we have as many family members as possible. School and work schedules must be considered and travel times and distance… But in the end, it is such a treat to see and be with FAMILY.

  108. Wow – thank you for the chance for AWESOME blog candy!!! My favorite tradition: We have 3 grown kids with 10 grandkids that live an hour from each other. On Christmas morning, we take each family a full Christmas breakfast. On Christmas Eve, this involves frying bacon for 18 (grandma and grandma get to eat, too!), and preparing both egg / sausage casseroles and french toast casseroles for all. We then get up at 3 AM on Christmas morning and start baking casseroles. We start out about 5 AM for the hour drive to the first house and spend one or two hours with each family. By doing this, the kids don’t have to leave their comfy homes on Christmas morning. We’ve been doing this for about 18 years and wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  109. Hey Julie. Wow what a generous giveaway! The papers look beautiful. My favorite holiday tradition is tracking Santa(online) on Christmas Eve, the kids get SO excited. We also really love to do the Christmas advent calendars, Christmas countdown. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope all is well with you and your family ❤️

  110. Christmas morning we make Pillsbury cinnamon rolls- yes from the can!-and everyone eats before during and after presents! We’ve done this since the kids were little and now they do it for their children as well.

  111. When our son was younger, I bought a new Christmas book each year, based on his age and interests. We’d gather by the Christmas tree each night to read the new holiday book, a book from a previous year, or one checked out of our local library. Christian enjoyed the change of scenery for his bedtime routine and it was a chance for me to slow down and enjoy the sights of the season.
    Thanks Julie for your continuous inspiration and the gift of your creativity!

  112. My favorite holiday tradition is after every holiday meal, we all do a holiday themed craft together. Last year, we started taking a picture of all of us with our freshly made craft. I’m hoping to start framing them and put them on the wall. My goal…to make memories. “makes my heart smile”

  113. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve . We eat a tradition Quebec Pork pie which is my husband’s family recipe. We eat it with scrambled eggs and toast.
    I enjoy gathering with the family at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. One week before Christmas our church has a Christmas hymn sing which is so meaningful. It helps me to focus on the reason for the season.

  114. My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up a cat tree. It is a small tree that sits next to my tv in the living room. It is decorated with red cardinals and red birds, nothing fragile. The cat climbing tree is right next to it. My 4 cats love sitting next to it and seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

  115. We attend Christmas Eve service with our son, daughter-n-love, our 3 grandchildren and our son’s mother and father-n-law. It is a candle light service and in the midst of the holiday rushing reminds us the reason we celebrate. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I would like to take this time to thank you Julie for your endless support and ideas, thank you for sharing your love of crafting

  116. Family are all scattered so when we get together, I love sitting around the dinner table sharing stories of our lives.

  117. My favorite tradition is cooking Christmas dinner in memory of my parents that have both passed. They both love to cook. But my dad it was his favorite meal to cook.

  118. My favorite holiday tradition is making a homemade apple pie for my husband for Thanksgiving, which I’ve done for most of our marriage. Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty much the only time I make pies, so we both look forward to that! I only recently found our blog thanks to links from Brian King, have been enjoying your projects on here. 🙂

  119. Our favorite holiday tradition is baking and making special dishes saved just for the holiday season. Would absolutely love to receive on the packs of sample papers from the holiday catalog.

  120. Getting together Christmas eve with family and opening gifts. I love all your cards and projects! Thank you for offering the wonderful blog candy!

  121. My favorite during the holiday season is having an early dinner with my family and watching movies until we all fall asleep!

  122. Christmas Eve dinner after mass with the children’s pageant. We have all sorts of hors d’oeuvres, sparkling cider and Christmas cookies as we watch traditional Christmas videos like Rudolph, The Grinch….

  123. My favorite holiday tradition is reading the story of the Birth of Jesus. We do this as a family, around the Christmas tree. We pause, reflect and thank God for his gift to us of His Son. Jesus is the reason for the season!

  124. A couple of weeks before Christmas my daughters and grand-daughters come to our house and we have a cookie baking , candy making marathon. try to make everyone’s favorite. we divide the goodies up and everyone goes home tired but one a surgary high.

  125. My fave tradition…running around with my mom, delivering baked ‘Thank You’s’ for people who were simply extra kind to us all year long! She’d make a list. Tthe spirit of Christmas everywhere, the decorations and then handing over a fresh baked pie and whipping cream or cookies was as much of a delight for us as it was for the recipient!

  126. My favorite holiday tradition is an early Christmas Eve Dinner and then going to Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church.

  127. I love the lights of Christmas. December is such a dark, dreary month, and when the lights come on (inside and out) the glow warms my world.

  128. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making gingerbread houses with my niece and nephews. We have been doing this for many years and now they range in age 20-28 years old! They are so special!!

  129. My favorite holiday tradition is the time I spend with my daughters and their significant others during the holidays. My girls always make sure that their momma has somewhere to go on holidays.

  130. My favorite holiday tradition….we gather after. 6 pm mass on Christmas Eve and have crab legs for supper. We talk, relax, and try to convince everyone to let you open ‘one’ gift under the tree….

  131. We celebrate on Christmas Eve by opening gifts and spending quality time together as a family. This year two new grandchildren will be born, so our traditions may be changing!

  132. My favorite holiday tradition is for my family to attend The Moravian Love Feast at Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem. Moravian coffee (the sugar and cream are heated in at the same time as the coffee) and Love Feast Buns are served during the service to the entire congregation. Lighted Moravian beeswax candles are also passed out. We have done this annually for 66 years!!

  133. We celebrate on Christmas Eve by opening gifts and spending quality time together as a family. This year two new grandchildren will be born, so our traditions may be changing!

  134. For Halloween it’s decorating our front yard for all the trick or treaters. At Thanksgivings it’s spending time with all our family at my in-laws and at Christmas it’s the Christmas stockings. I make them for all the family and love stuffing the with all kinds of goodies.

  135. I enjoy spending time with my family, free from cell phones. That is my Christmas gift from them. Cell phones off and just quality family time. Also I enjoy spending time cooking with my granddaughter a few days before the holiday. That has become tradition for her and I. Grandma is teaching her how to cook.

  136. My favorite tradition is a family gathering. My children, grandchildren, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews join me at my home for fun, food and a hot chocolate bar. My family has been gathering at Christmas like this since I was a child (a long time ago). Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations with us.

  137. One of my favorite traditions is attending a Christmas Eve service and another is having hot chocolate while decorating the tree.

  138. There you go being so kind again! I still buy my kids an ornament, ever year, they are in their 40’s…thanks again!!!

  139. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my mom’s Christmas Eve. It makes for a very long evening but my children have always enjoyed spending time with their cousins.

  140. Christmas Day my son and I would go to my mothers and celebrate Christmas. Just the three of us. We would exchange gifts and have dinner. Christmas Eve was when we would celebrate with all the siblings. The three of us did this every year after my dad passed away 24 years ago. My mother passed away 3 years ago and it is still extremely hard on Christmas Day without her here.

  141. My favorite tradition is to exchange a hand made gift with a family member. Names are drawn before Thanksgiving so everyone has plenty of time to create their “special” gift.

  142. New jammies on Christmas Eve. Growing up me and my sisters always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always Brand new jammies. I carried on this tradition with my children and now with my grandchildren. Fills my heart with love and great memories.

  143. My favorite holiday tradition that has been passed down through many generations and continues today is that everyone gets new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the opportunity to win blog candy and for sharing your talent with us.

  144. We always decorate the house Thanksgiving weekend.. Then my annual Christmas letter goes out detailing our adventures for the past year. Love all the reminenissing. Next comes baking and sharing with family and friends.

  145. Now that we have grandchildren, we go to my daughters house on Christmas Eve and stay the night. I love seeing their little faces on Christmas morning. We have a big breakfast, do gifts and visit. It’s precious quality time that is so important. ❤️

  146. Hello Julie! My favorite Christmas tradition is the night before Christmas, because the whole family gathers for dinner and sharing.

  147. My favorite holiday tradition is for the whole family to get together for the day – Thanksgiving for our family. Means so much to see everyone and spend a little time together. We have grown to spread over several states so this is the one time of year that we all put forth an effort to get together. And everyone loves grandma’s chocolate pies.

  148. Going in to Virginia for thanksgiving with my family. Traditional dinner with Turkey, dressing, potatoes,cranberries and pumpkin pie etc.

  149. The Saturday after Thanksgiving-the tree goes up! We will have been watching Christmas movies on Hallmark since October and we can start planning all of the Christmas events that we will attend. I love the feel of Christmas.

  150. One of my favorite holiday traditions is putting the ornaments on our christmas tree. We have so many ornaments handmade and purchased that bring back memories. Fun time!

  151. Our “I’d Rather Be Stampin’ Group” of 8 ladies gets together early in December for a Christmas gift tag exchange, fellowship and lunch. Everyone brings two handmade gift tags per person. This year we are adding a cookie exchange.

  152. My favorite has to be Christmas morning!! Everyone gathered in the front room opening gifts, it is usually so loud that you can’t hear the person next to you! I didn’t realize how special it is until my son, who is in the Army, was in South Korea for Christmas. We had to do presents thru Facetime. I was able to hold it together until we were done then had a complete meltdown. He is stateside now and hasn’t missed another Christmas.

  153. Love all of your ideas – I have been making treat boxes and small items to send to my daughter at college and love some of the ideas on here – thanks for being so open and for sharing 🙂

  154. We all go to Mass Christmas Eve and come back to my 95 year old mother’s house. Have dinner, play Left, Right, Center wit Ohio Lottery tickets and $1. Have dessert and then open presents!

  155. Building a fire in the fireplace on Christmas morning (no matter how warm) while listening to Christmas music and eating a breakfast casserole. Yea fun times.

  156. Julie, Our Family Tradition every year for Thanksgiving…making Decorations for the table. We’d go out and gather leaves, sprigs and twigs and make a centerpiece. For Christmas, family tradition was sitting around the lit Christmas Tree, with the rest of the lights out and singing Christmas Carols with my Brothers and Sisters. Mom and Dad were out Shopping! I passed these down to my kids and Grands…I still do the same, even today, even though the kids are grown and on their own, making their own traditions!

  157. Oh, Oh, Oh . . . On Christmas Day we host a “Pajama Brunch”. It is so much fun. No-fuss! No-worries! Our two girls always get a new pair of Christmas PJs every year . . . even 30+ years now. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Have a blessed day.

  158. For me as the grandmother of 3 grand kids, I wrap their gifts all with specific paper. The oldest, 24 yrs old, get sock monkey as she loved socks monkey all through her childhood. Grandson, 21 yrs old, he gets snowmen!! Any n all kinds of snowman paper. He loved making snowmen n the winter n slept with several n his bed. Youngest granddaughter, 19 yrs old, she gets Disney! She loves all the characters n has several stuffed animals. They r never too old to keep a tradition!

  159. My favorite Christmas tradition is candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. Always such a beautiful service! Also love that my husband always cooks a huge Christmas morning breakfast!
    Love all of your projects! Thanks for a chance to win!

  160. One of our favorite holiday traditions is excitedly preparing all kinds of special treats throughout the season in anticipation of a big celebration on Christmas Eve. My mother did it for our family growing up and I do it for my family now. I make Tropical Slush Punch, Reuben sandwiches, Tomato , Basil Cheese Tart, and many other appetizers along with all kinds of specialty cookies! All placed on the table in festive Christmas dishes and platters and the punch served in my Holly Goblets that are a real treasure to me! Carols playing and before we enjoy this veritable feast we always enjoy attending our church’s wonderful Christmas Eve service. While driving home from the service we joyfully drive through neighborhoods that have delightful light displays and ohh and ahh over peoples creativity! It brings such pleasure!

  161. We celebrate all Holidays as a family at Grandma’s (me) house. I try to teach my grandchildren all about every holiday. We cook the meal together. Clean up together. Play games. Talk. And no cell phones allowed.
    Now that they are 11 and 14, they have to come up with a new game that the entire family can play. They love doing it and I enjoy seeing their creativity.
    It’s important to me that they learn about God and their Irish heritage.

  162. Every Christmas morning I cook a full breakfast, the only day of the year that I do that! Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the one morning we are all at the table together before we open presents and enjoy the rest of the day together.

  163. My friends from church have a cookie exchange and fellowship every year a bit before Christmas. It’s just a great tradition in our community that we all look forward to.
    It brings comfort in a hectic season.

  164. Although I do love Christmas, I also love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is being able to thank God for all our blessings of family, friends, roof over our heads, being able to have food on our tables, and even thanks for all the little things. I only wish all of humanity around the world would have the same opportunity.

  165. my favorite Holiday tradition is just getting together with family and going to Christmas Eve service to celebrate Christmas.

  166. Depends on the Holiday. Thanksgiving is giving to those in need without them knowing. And giving thanks for what we have. Then there is Christmas, its getting up and reading the Christmas story. And just sharing time with each other.

  167. Favorite tradition having the big Christmas breakfast with all my family (parents, siblings/spouse, nieces and nephews at sister and brother in laws house.

  168. WOW!! Julie, that is a fabulous blog candy, thank you for the chance to win it!!!
    I love the Autumn Season because it means the Holidays are approaching.
    It’s hard to choose a favorite Holiday but for me, it’s Thanksgiving, I love the colors and the celebration of family and blessings.
    Thank you for offering this awesome blog candy for us to win.

  169. Even though our children are adults, our friends get together for a spooky supper and hand out candy to the kids in our neighborhood.

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