Hand Sanitizer (PocketBac) Box

Today’s project is an Envelope Punch Board Box for a PocketBac Hand Sanitizer featuring items from the Santa’s Workshop Suite of products!

Here’s a different view:

And here’s another view:

This is a great way to dress up the Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers for the holidays! And it can easily be changed for any occasion! Here’s what the PocketBac hand sanitizer looks like:

They’re so cute, but even cuter with a handmade box to put it in! Without further ado, here’s my video tutorial:

And here’s the template:

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you’ll give this project a try! If you do, please share it on social media with the hashtag #paperpixie or feel free to email me a picture – I’d love to see your creations! I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day!


  • Poppy Parade cardstock – 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″
    • 1st Punch/Score measurement – 1-1/2″
    • 2nd Punch/Score measurement – 2-3/4″
    • Follow score lines for remaining punch/score measurements, but only punch on the second to last punch/score measurement (see template & video)


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7 thoughts on “Hand Sanitizer (PocketBac) Box”

  1. i was watching your tutorial on the hand sanitizer box from Sept 2018. I LOVE LOVE this idea and totally going to make some for gifts this year. Thinking its very fitting, you know with the whole covid thing, ha ha ha… anyway I love the storage envelope you have your dies in, I was wondering where you get those. i would love to do that with mine!! That is such a great idea!!! Thank you so much for putting on such great videos i enjoy them all and look forward to when you post new ones!!
    Thank You

  2. Help. I only have a 1 2 3 punch board. Am trying to translate your directions to this board. There are two score lines to the right side, am trying to determine which one to use. Are you at all familiar with this tool? I watched you turn the square and noticed that the first and second notching changes as you progressed. If not, Can you tell me the depth of the dimensions of the final box so I can work to create a similar box. Thanks. I would appreciate it immensely.

  3. Love these close-up photos.
    I admit I didn’t know what PocketBac was and had to look it up on the internet, but this is such a cute box for a practical little gift.


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